chilled Appetizers



Salad Add-ons

Main Course


Falafel Plate 14$

Indulge in our signature Falafel -deep -fried to golden perfection .our serving of  Six pieces is accompanied by a generous side of tahini sauce. pickled turnips ,fresh tomatoes ,and parsley 

Baked Cauliflower 19$

A delicious dish consisting of baked cauliflower , cheddar ,parmesan cheese ,and tahini sauce.

Dynamite Shrimp 19$

Our Signature dynamite sauce coats the crispy ,creating a uniquely flavorful dish .

Calamari 21$

Delectably flavoured deep -fried calamari, complemented by the subtle tang of fresh lemon juice and savoury hints of cilantro . this dish is the paired it with a zesty tartar sauce

Homemade fried Kibbeh $18

Enjoy four  pieces of  deep – fried  croquette that consist of a savoury blend of bulgur . minced lamb, onions and spices

Cheburekki Cheese $16

Behold , four crunchy pockets filled with herbs and oozing with melted cheese ,all fried to perfection 

Old Fashioned Armenian Toushka $21

A delectable dish -Bread filled with  Spicy Minced Meat and Cheese

Shrimps Garnished Hummus $21

Experience a scrumptious bowl blended  chickpeas, sesame seeds, garlic, olive oil, and a zing of lemon – crowned with some sizzling shrimp for a mouthwatering feast.

Mediterranean Chicken Wings $19

This dish features a mild yet rich mediterranean flavour .complemented by a side of  French fries and Avocado Garlic sauce.

Crispy Golden Shrimp $16

Delicious shrimps that are perfectly fried to crispy perfection .Served with tartar sauce


Rocca Salad $15

 This delicious salad consists of arugula, Tomatoes, goat cheese, basil, pistachios, black olives and
cranberries, served with homemade pesto dressing.

Fattoush $16

 Our fattoush salad is a blend of Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, radish, green pepper, mint, toasted bread,
sumac, lemon oil dressing, pomegranate molasses .

French Tabbouleh $18

 A delicious combination of Quinoa, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, avocado, red radish, green onions, and pomegranate, topped with fresh lemon juice and olive oil .

River16 $19

This dish comprises of Apples, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, cucumbers, avocado, raisins,
raspberries, walnuts and basil with homemade dressing

Lentil Soup $11

Our homemade lentil soup is  served with toasted bread, and lemon.

Salad Add-ons

Four pieces of our signature falafel $10

Marinated grilled shrimp $16

chicken Tawook (1 skewer) $15

Herb-marinated chicken breast $26

Kebab Skewer $14

Roasteed Atlantic Salmon $29

chilled Appetizers

Hummus Dip $12

This tasty dip is made of ground chickpeas m sesame seeds, garlic ,olive oil ,and  lemon

Mutabbal Dip $12

A delicious combination of roasted eggplant , seasoned tahini , and yogurt

Avocado Hummus Dip $14

A luscious blend of ground chickpeas , avocado , basil ,tahini sauce , and olive oil

Raheb Mutabbal Dip $14

A savoury dip made of smoked eggplant , mixed vegetables ,lemon ,olive oil ,and pomegranate sauce

Beetroot mutabbal Dip $14

A delicious dip featuring chopped beetroot , roasted eggplant , tahini ,and lemon juice


Falafel Veggie Baguette $21

A combination of  Parsley, lettuce, tomato, pickles, tahini sauce, red
onions, and French fries

Crispy Chicken Extravaganza $23

Fried Chicken, cheddar cheese mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions, and pickles , topped with dynamite sauce and garlic mayo .

Creek Burger (8oz) $26

An 8oz beef patty Toasted bun, with  topping such as  tomatoes, arugula, pickles,  red onions, and  cheddar cheese.

Main Course

Armenian Kebab $27

Authentic Armenian ground minced lamb and beef mix kebabs served with Armenian style, grilled vegetables, saffron rice.

Chicken Shashlik Meal $27

Authentic Armenian BBQ chicken served with Armenian style grilled vegetables and French fries and Avocado Garlic sauce

Kebab Eggplant $29

2 Char -grilled traditional mixture of seasoned fresh minced lamb skewers on a bed of crushes tomato sauce, served with rice

Armenian Barbecue – Shashlik $34

Char -grilled marinated combination of kabab, chicken, served with saffron rice.

Grilled King Prawns $49

Served with vegetable ,herbed lemon , and loaded cheese potato

New York Striploin (10oz) $47

Our New York Steak is prime meat grass-fed and aged for 30 days, Served with a grilled vegetables.

Crusted Lamb Chops $54

Char – grilled lamb cutlets. Served with seasonal vegetables and herbs pistachio
a Pesto sauce

Filet Mignon (8oz) $69

Filet Mignon 30-day aged and grass-fed prime meat, served with a side grilled vegetables

Roosted Atlantic Salmon $39

Served with side grilled lemon seasonal vegetables and saffron  rise.

Seafood Bouillabaisse $46

Variety of fresh fish shrimp,  coast scallops’ mussels, clams, roasted
tomato fennel broth

Saffron Shrimp $32

5 pieces of shrimp cooked with aromatic herbal broth, paprika, onion, tomatoes, served on top of saffron rice.

Arroz Con pollo Chicken $30

BBQ chicken breast cooked with an  aromatic herbal broth, smoked paprika,
onion, tomatoes served with saffron r ice.

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